We are a husband and wife wedding and portrait photography team serving South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and available worldwide!

A little bit about us… As two imperfect married people, we have chosen to accept that neither of us is perfect but we know without a shadow of a doubt that we’re perfect for each other. We have learned to allow ourselves to grow and change through marriage, not in spite of it and we truly believe in love, we believe in marriage, and we believe in family. That unending faith and hope allows us to see things differently on a wedding day and during our portrait sessions. Our cameras are an extension of our hearts and we simply cannot press the shutter button without a piece of us being in every photo. Photography has shown us so much about life, love and growth. The moment we draw a camera to our eyes, the world comes alive… Every smile becomes sweeter, every tear becomes more meaningful, every laugh becomes music… photography has heightened our senses and for that we are truly grateful.

Your wedding, family and life are all worth documenting. We would be honored to spend our time stopping time for you if you’ll allow us. Shoot us an email and tell us all about you guys and how we can serve you!