We believe two main points when it comes to your session or wedding:

  1. Being chosen to document your life at any given moment is an unspeakable honor

  2. And as such, this process deserves the most exceptional care in the world.

That is why we walk you through EVERYTHING! Before the session, we will talk about how you want to document this time. We learn the wall colors in your home, your favorite rooms, style etc and from that information we help coordinate your clothing to match the aesthetic of the rooms you’ll be hanging portraits in. Haven’t painted yet? No worries! We have an answer to that too, just let us know! Once we plan your clothing we will talk about what type of artwork you like. Are you a framed portrait fan or a canvas lover? When we know your style of artwork, we will put together custom wall concepts such as those you can view below, so that you’re able to see EXACTLY how the photos will look on YOUR walls. The way we do it is so simple and so much fun!

We then go ahead and have a blast at your session documenting whatever part of life you’re soaking in at the time, and then, once the photos are edited we get you over to see them! When you’ve decided on the photos you simply cannot live without, we look at where they will be placed and assess whether or not it would be appropriate to edit the images further. For example, in some rooms, a warmer toned image will flow much smoother than a clean crisp photograph so we transform your final order photos into the artwork that is wall ready and customized for your home!

What our amazing clients have found is that experiencing the session in this way allows them to rest knowing they’ve hired a professional to handle all the details. Our families, couples and new parents have enjoyed the freedom to relax and enjoy having trusted guidance throughout the whole process. Some people may say, “wow that seems like a lot of work”, but we see it so differently. Your photo session is monumentally important. We are being given the opportunity to document and create artwork that tells the story of your life in a moment of time… THAT deserves all the attention in the world.